Playing For Change

16 Oct

This short video  highlights some of the main points of using social media as a tool of activism. The video mentions a music activism project, so I did some further research.

Playing For Change

Playing For Change is a perfect example of social activism in the media. The Playing For Change project began with a few people travelling the world and to record different musicians playing the same song. These unique compilations were then sold (reaching the top of the music charts, in many cases) and the funds were used to support music education programs in underdeveloped areas.

The program was so successful that it attracted attention from PBS, which eventually resulted in a feature length documentary. The original video stated that one of the major strengths of social media is its ability to cater toward niche groups. Playing For Change is proof that by connecting otherwise unrelated individuals around the globe (from street musicians in Africa to European recording artists), social media can turn random people with similar interests and motivations into effective activists.


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